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Career Paths

We want you to be successful in your career at KONCEPT NJ, we offer several different paths on that road to success. We also provide you with training and tools necessary to assist you in your development and performance.

Generally are entry-level accountants and consultants. You are beginning to apply the concepts and principles learned through your college education and are gaining exposure to the different practice areas of accounting.

Senior Associate
As a senior associate you generally have 3 to 4 years experience in your area of expertise. You are beginning to manage more complex projects and now have supervisory responsibilities. You have direct client interaction and have responsibility for business development.

You now have
management responsibilities and supervise and lead groups of staff on completion of projects and engagements. You will manage client relationships and bring value to them by consistent and direct communications.

You are now one of the owners of the firm. You have much influence among the firm’s industry and general practice groups. You have the ultimate responsibility for providing value and creating business solutions for our clients that enhance their well-being and continuing to develop strong relationships with them.

Other Positions
For positions other than accountants and consultants, advancement opportunities are provided based upon responsibilities of the position and your contribution to your work group and the firm.

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Our success lies in having a high quality team of lawyers and support staff. We recognize that the strength of the firm is only equal to the strength of its people.
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