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Our Core Values

Koncept NJ, founded by Juliana Nela in 2011, offers professional legal, tax, banking and accounting services to its clients, whether they are trading as a business or as an individual. The expertise in both financial and legal issues is a key aspect that ensures full comprehension of client’s needs and complete solution.

To accomplish its goals, Koncept NJ, has assembled a team of attorneys, experts in accounting, tax, business law and lending who will assist you on how to build and sustain a successful day trading business. The team is well trained to work closely with clients to find innovative and practical solutions to the most complex problems. We add value by bringing our clients specific expertise and an independent perspective that can lead to new approaches.

The firm’s objective and commitment is to provide high quality of legal services and to meet the demands of a modern legal practice, by being distinguished for its speed of delivery and constant results.

The firm provides a broad range of legal services in all aspects of law, for individuals, private and public companies, engaged in Banking and Finance, Accounting, General Litigation. We are specialized in Consulting for Syndicated Loans, with Albanian and foreign participants and also provide Financial Advice and Negotiation in the Albanian Banking System.

The firm offers assistance to the debtor or the creditor in debt restructuring and the new arrangement, preparation of budgets and the determination of applicable taxes. Also, Legal services involving the incorporation of companies, the drafting of shareholder’s agreements and arrangements, the organization of joint-ventures performing the due diligence review of target operations and all other issues related to business law.

Assistance and advice on national levels mainly involving fiscal profiles connected to ventures and commercial activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, splits, transformations, transfers of company assets, restructuring of companies, intra-group and financial agreements. 

Our experts can help your business with the preparation of a business plan and by offering a detailed Market Research. 

Our Core values

Efficiency  - Providing real, sustainable and superior value to clients.

Inspirational Leadership - Creating a positive and inovative environment   to drive the firm and our clients to be our best.

Respect Others - Acknowledging that every person has value to offer and that we can learn from others.

Excellent Service - Providing truly valuable services and exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Achieving Superior Results - Distinguishing ourselves by achieving at the highest level, investing in our people and providing leadership to clients.

Creativity - Proactively identifying and understanding the critical issues faced by clients and generating creative solutions to address them.

Honorable Actions that Demonstrate Integrity – Acting with consistent, ethical behavior driven by what is best for our clients and each other.

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Our success lies in having a high quality team of lawyers and support staff. We recognize that the strength of the firm is only equal to the strength of its people.
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